Just got back from Bali

Just got back from Bali

So it begins...

My first post blog post! Well I'm actually writing this in Sublime Text not in my CMS as i haven't quite finished the blogging section of my website, as opposed to most of you guys who use Wordpress, I've decided to use Umbraco.

I created this website a couple of months ago, originally to house my resume online but later decided to do this blog after coming back from my trip to Bali.

Bali was a well deserved break from my 9 to 5 job, it gave me enough time to clear my mind and reflect on my current situation. It also gave me time to figure out some short and long term goals and spend some quality time with my wife.

For the past two months I've been killing myself doing freelance work on the side for some extra cash.

This is how my daily schedule looked like:

  • Wake up at 6 am
  • Commute to work for about 2 hours (doing my freelance work on the train)
  • Start work at 9 am
  • Finish at 5 pm
  • Commute back home for another 2 hours (also doing my freelance work on the train)
  • Eat quick, shower and chill with my wife
  • Work from 10 pm to 2 am

Rinse and repeat Monday through Friday. Now that's a rat race on steroids!

Basically I was burnt out.

Two months and $xx,xxxĀ later (from my freelance work) i called it quits. Some might say it's good money yeah but at what cost?

And to tell you the truth, not really. I've seen other people do that in a day! and all this online...

I'm going to focus my efforts where they matter from now on... lets see what happens.

Egli out!

Note: That snake was already dead when I found it